How to avoid a distracted driving ticket in the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario Canada

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Lets Start with what drivers are allowed to do, Drivers can operate and use these phones hands-free mode in the cup holder hands-free means securely attached to your vehicle by one of these types of mounts shown in the video. To activate hands-free you’re not answering phone calls and things like that.If the device is attached to the windscreen before you settle to drive no switching course Midway red lights that’s another challenge that we have you get to a red light or stopped in traffic does not mean you can pick up your phone or use these devices because we see what happens is that all of a sudden things change traffic goes you’re not paying attention somebody walks out in front of you. So when it comes to your phone you can tap it mounted to turn it off and on you can use it but it has to be pre-programmed before you get on the road you can’t mess around with your transportation.