An overview of the Ontario demerit points system

Learn how the demerit points system works

Many people are not aware of how the demerit point system works. For one, if you are living in Ontario, you do not lose demerit points, you actually gain points for convicted driving violations. For instance, when it comes to speeding violations, going 16 – 29km/h over the limit gets you three demerits, 30 – 49 km/h gets you 4, while 1 – 15km/h gets you no demerit points.

Another misconception is that getting a driving violation outside of Ontario would not affect your driving record. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, some violations will be added to your Ontario license. For example, Quebec and Ontario have a record sharing agreement where all driving offences of Ontario drivers in Quebec will still be on record in their province.

Police Offers do not dictate how much demerit points are added on your record. That means that you do not get to have a sigh of relief when you do not see demerit points on your speeding ticket. The amount of demerit points you receive will depend on how much you drove above the limit as mentioned earlier. Interestingly, you will not receive any demerit points if the light camera catches you crossing a red. This is because the camera cannot confirm if you are the driver during that period.

There are situations where you can be unlawfully issued demerit points. In the case of cyclists, they are not to be issued demerit points, even if they are currently holding a drivers licence. There is a misconception even among traffic cops due to the lack of cycle education.

What about Insurance?

When it comes to insurance, demerit points are not a factor in effecting your insurance rate. It is the convictions that have been issued by the Ministry of Ontario that insurance corporation look for in deciding your rate. The Ministry also decides on suspending your license depending on how many demerit points that you have earned. Normally, drivers could get their licenses suspended if they have 9 or more demerit points, 15 demerit points is an automatic 30 day suspension. Demerits can stay on your record for up to 2 years, while suspensions can stay on your record for up to 6 years.

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