A cyclist was ticketed for not coming to a complete stop at a charity event


If you are a cyclist, you would understand how easy it is to control your speed and pace on an open road or in traffic. Most cyclists are more often at risk of being hit by a car than posing a threat to pedestrians or moving vehicles. As long as you are confident of your safety equipment and sticking to the rules of the road, you should be able to ride your way through cycling events or races without interruptions. However, that was not the case with Sara Gallien who was unceremoniously stopped and issued a $110 ticket by an OPP officer during a charity event for Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada from Grand Bend to London.

She was among a group of cyclists who all stopped at an intersection after ensuring that the road was clear of traffic and no pedestrian was at risk. She was the only one fined for yielding in a stop sign which was an unfair and biased action, and called it “a dirty ticket” because it was issued not for the violation of road rules but because she dared question the OPP officer as to why she was the only one held back.

While the officer defended his actions, Sara Gallien felt that it was wrong on his part to interrupt an event like that, creating animosity among the cyclist. She even suggested that there should be changes in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, but that is not a simple task to take over on her own.

Sara Gallien will either have to speak to an OPP supervisor or contact the Office of the Independent Police Review Directorate. But she still has to pay the ticket as per the rules of the Highway Traffic Act or pursue the case further by taking it up to a higher authority or to a provincial court to have her ticket dismissed or minimized.

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