Is There A legal Way To Park On a Two-Way in Canada?

Parking on the left side of a two-direction-street is legal in the UK during the daytime, but the legality in Canada has been debated as it is unclear for each province and state and there are no uniform penalties for parking violations.

The law was set up to ensure the safety of the motorist as parking on the wrong direction puts drivers dangerously close to the border where it is harder to see who is coming, especially when the car is parked between two other vehicles. Ian Law, the Chief Instructor and President and of ILR Car Control School stated that even though it would pose a threat to other drivers’ safety, vehicle will be more secure to egress if the driver does not need to exit into an active or busy lane.

In most Canadian provinces, parking on the left is an offence against the provincial rules, local bylaws, or both in some places. Wrong parking direction on a street is penalized with a minimum of $33 fine. This penalty is not applicable all over the country, and the punishment varies locally.

According to a statement made by Marie Fitzpatrick, the Spokesperson for the City of Hamilton, the flexibility and exemption are based on the visibility of the painted lines in the centre of the street that divide the streetway. If these lines are not visible, you can park facing either way unless someone complaints against you.

The vehicle parking rule has been highly debatable and created a lot of inconvenience to many citizens especially in Hamilton where 1,771 tickets were issued, and over 45000 revenues collected as fines in 1 year. During this time, it was reported that officers often hunted for wrong-way parkers to fine instead of waiting for a complaint.

Though this rule does not seem to serve much of a safety purpose but rather hindered most drivers in many ways, it has not yet been eliminated because of the excessive expense it would cause to change the street signs to a different angle for better visibility.