Ombudsman Finds Suspended License & Uninsured Drivers At Risk in Ontario

According to the reports made by Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dube many drivers are driving around with invalid car insurance because the Ministry of Transportation has cancelled their drivers’ license without their knowledge.

When a driver gets a ticket, he is bound to pay a fine. If he does not pay the fine on time, his license is suspended by the authorities. On paying the penalty and getting the suspension waived, the driver is required to pay an additional fee to reinstate the license. The process of restoring the driver license needs the driver to start from scratch at the Ontario’s graduated-licensing system that involves multiple tests and provisional license periods even if they had been driving correctly for many years.

It is evident from systemic investigations that the Ministry of transportation designed the system to prevent the driver from driving for a specified duration. The notice is often undelivered due to the ministry’s negligence or delivered to the wrong address, or they get lost or disposed of or deleted from the files.

Many of the drivers end up failing to reinstate their suspended license because they did not pay the $198 which they were not aware of in the first place. The ignorance of the drivers, as revealed by systemic investigations, is a result of the carelessness of the system administrators.

Many drivers put their insurance and safety at risk when they drive with a suspended license. If you were driving without a license and get into an accident, there are chances that your insurance providers will refuse to support you.

In such cases, or until the Ministry can take better precautions to ensure that the driver receives the notice and stops driving, it becomes the responsibility of the Ministry. When you are not aware of your suspended license or had missed a notification due to the negligent behavior of the system managers, drivers can file an appeal to extend the ticket so that they can validate their insurance company’s support and prevent significant financial and physical loss.