125 Tickets Issued by Joint Woodstock Police in Two Days

The bold initiative was set out to prevent road accidents and create awareness and plans for the safety of the drivers and pedestrians, school children, cyclists and older adults.
The joint operation is known as “Operation Zero” immediately increased the efficiency of the traffic police and the vigilant team managed to ticket over 125 drivers within two days of its operation on Thursday, June 21 and Friday, June 22, 2017.

The comprehension plan is set for five years (2017-21) by the City of Toronto Vision Zero Program with over 50 safety measures on focused locations with a clear view on the historical position of road fatalities and collision through live maps and indicators. It also aims to reduce the number of road mishaps, injuries or death to zero.

Out of the 125 tickets issued, speeding was the primary concern as 88 tickets were handed out for speeding on the roadways. While eight cards were issued for the failure to wear seat belts, eight were for distracted driving. Out of the distracted drivers, six were using cell phones.
Other tickets were due to the violation of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. All offences were stopped, and tickets were issued right in front of the Headquarters of Woodstock Police Service.
The success of the first phase of the joint operation has led the department to initiate such patrolling on a quarterly basis. The second phase is scheduled for another two-day blitz after September and drivers are warned to be careful even during the off joint patrolling days as the penalties will also increase by the New Year.