Racking Up Traffic Ticket with Stolen Identity in Windsor

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Karly Robinson is a 20 years old college student whose identity is stolen by someone who is raking up traffic tickets in Windsor. She found out that someone had taken her identity when she found that the police stopped the car Robinson is travelling in and was given a ticket because she could not provide a drivers license. When she visited the Windsor police station to verify the incident, she was shocked to find that there were four other tickets in her name!

Receiving tickets in her name for offences she had not committed had led to the suspension of her graduated license when she had a summer job as a waitress in Grand Bend. Due to the suspended license, she was unable to drive and go to work, costing her to lose the job.

Robinson said that even though she went to the police station in Windsor to verify her identity and show proofs that it was not her that was driving the car and that someone had stolen her identity, the police were reluctant to hear her case or assist her to clear the misunderstanding.

Often, in such incidents, the police refuse to give out detailed information about the event when the ticket was handed out, which leaves the victims at a dead-end. Even though this incident might seem insignificant for the busy police officers, it is a matter deep concern for the life of the victim as it hampers the criminal records.

The only option that the victim of identity theft whose impersonator is in hot waters with the police department has is to consult a lawyer and drag the matter to court as the police refuse to admit his mistake in handing out the ticket without proper identity proof. The police were at the wrong, and it is the right of the citizen to battle it out in court so that police will be more careful when checking and handing out tickets and so that impersonators do not get away with such crimes.