Negative effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce affects every single member of the family emotionally, especially the children. Divorce can bring about a massive alteration in your children’s behavioural as well as emotional characteristics. The negative effect that a divorce has on your children is no longer “just a theory.” There have been an enormous amount of studies that have proven the negative consequences on children as a result of their Parents divorce. Researches amounting to more than 40 years have shown the significant “side-effects” of divorce on children.

Researched effects of divorce on kids

  • Children of divorced homes have proven to be academically weaker than other children of their age. This is primarily because they suffer from various behavioural problems which ultimately affects their grades
  • Divorced Parents children have higher probabilities of committing crimes in their later adult stages
  • Children of divorced Parents have been proven to distance themselves emotionally from their parents. Studies show that divorced homes children show almost two times more than normal kids of not sharing any emotional bonding with their parents
  • Children of divorced parents have almost 5x more times chances of living in poverty than other normal kids. This is primarily because of the income drop of their custodial parents after a divorce
  • Divorced parents children are proven to have more chances of getting involved in various criminal activities in their teenage stage. Sometimes the simplest reason for this has been traced back to just wanting more attention from their parents


Here are some more proven medical effect of divorce on children –

  • Studies have shown that children of divorced homes tend to get sick more often and recover slower than normal parents kids
  • Divorced parents children also display more significant symptoms of suffering from separation anxiety and depression related medical conditions

Professional help for your children

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