241 Licences Suspended in Manitoba after Launching Distracted Driving Law

According to the latest survey reports by police enforcement after Manitoba launched the distracted driving law on November 1, 2018; there has been only a slight difference in the number of distracted drivers.

The Initial Numbers

When the law was initially enforced, there were over 240 cases in the first three days, most of which were due to drivers using electronics and mobile phones while driving.

Sixty-seven drivers were caught in Manitoba RCMP while 21 were dinged by the Brandon Police Service in November alone.

The MPI also reported that Winnipeg Police Service suspended over 149 licenses and the number later rose to 153 within the month.

The provincial total added to 241 within a month since the law was launched.

No Decrease in Suspension Numbers

The number seems to convey that the drivers are still not taking the severity of the penalty and the impact that distracted driving have on road safety even though there have been numerous cases charged seriously.

Winnipeg’s Inspector Spado declared that even though the drop is low, the enforcers are still hopeful that the numbers will eventually dip lower.

A month’s report is too soon to analyse the effectiveness of the law and that the police would need more substantial data to confirm it.

Distracted Driver Cause Major Safety Threats

According to the 2017 reports, 30 deaths and over 15,000 collisions were the cause of distracted driving.

Spokespersons at CBC News said that it was disheartening to watch many people lose their privileges and cause havoc and trouble to others when a little act of responsibility on the part of the driver could prevent it.

With the new enforcement, drivers caught for distracted driving have to pay a fine of $672, get five demerit points and have their license suspended.