First Man Ticketed for Driving and Toking After Legalization in Canada

While dopers and medically dependent people rejoiced at midnight on October 17, 2018, for the legalisation of cannabis in Canada, the legislators and Police were soon disrupted of the consequences of implementation within an hour.

At approximately 1 AM on 17 October 2018, police in Manitoba ticketed a man for illegally consuming cannabis in a vehicle on the highway.

The legislation explicitly stated that selling to or consumption of cannabis by minors is an offence. It also indicated that use of marijuana in a vehicle by the driver or the passenger is illegal.

The Viral Tweet

The Winnipeg Police posted a photo of a ticket handed to an offender later the day cannabis was legalised.

They sent out a tweet on the social media with a featured picture of the ticket. The caption emphasised that even though cannabis was now legal for consumption just as alcohol is, it was still illegal to smoke in a vehicle just as it is illegal with drinking in the vehicle.

CNN took notice of the tweet and even enquired for details.

The Cause of the Ticket

As clearly stated in the tweet, doping is not legal in the vehicle, and even though some people may not have been aware of the rules yet, it was evident that the man was ticketed not because he was toking openly and had probably purchased the weed illegally, but because he was toking in the vehicle.

The man was fined $672 and suspended for 24 hours.

Creating More Awareness

While many Canadians are enthusiastic about the legality of toking and having access to a variety of cannabis products, the Winnipeg Police are still struggling to create awareness about the rules and regulations that come with cannabis in Canada.

They have been lenient in their ticketing, but they hope to remind everyone that smoking in the vehicle is illegal for road safety concerns.