Ontario Police Facing A Massive Workload After Legalization Of Marijuana

The recent legalization of marijuana in Canada provided countrywide cheer. Since then, it is possible to sell, buy and possess marijuana for recreational purpose, but even with its legalization, there are some laws that one must adhere to. There have been reported cases of Ontario police serving an approximate number of 21 tickets in a day.

Who can access marijuana?

Anyone that has attained the age of 19 and above has the permission to buy, sell and possess marijuana.

What are the penalties?

Anyone that is below the age of 19 found in possession of marijuana can be fined with a fee of $200.

Marijuana is sold through the Ontario Cannabis Store and one can buy it through online or one can go to the store in person. Unlawful sale will put the landlords and the people responsible for selling the weed in trouble.

Apparently, marijuana should be kept in the trunk of the car. If it is any place apart from the trunk, be prepared to get a cannabis ticket written.

Legalization of marijuana has made the lives of Ontario police hectic:

With crime rates at an all-time low, Ontario police have been back in business since the legalization of marijuana. As the act of possessing, selling and using marijuana come with a set of rules, Ontario police have been busy like bees as people who are under the influence of weed can be least bothered about rules.

Over the last couple of months, police have written about 184 tickets for unlawful sale of marijuana. There were three cases of selling marijuana to underage individuals.

The dispensaries that sell marijuana have been apprehensive about selling to certain individuals and don’t sell unless they are 21 and above. Some dispensaries have also been shut down due to illegal and unlawful sale of marijuana to minors.

Court rooms faces influx:

With the frequent cases of illegal possession and selling of cannabis, the courts have faced a major problem where the number of people with cannabis tickets has been overwhelming.  As the courts can only deal with a few numbers at a time, this can become an on-going problem for the law makers.