Man Gets Served With Two Speeding Tickets

People who drive vehicles can be categorized into two types. The first type is the group of people who are responsible and take care in following all the traffic rules. In short, they are considered as the good citizens of the world. Whereas on the other hand, the second category of drivers is the complete opposite of the former as most of them are completely unpleasant on the road and can often pose a danger to themselves and to fellow drivers as well.

Frequency of road mishaps:

In a report from 2014, Norfolk had been named as the third worst place in America because of the frequency of fatal car accidents. A number of parameters are responsible for those accidents but most of them have something to do with bad drivers. And the graph for car accidents has a steady increase as the years go by.

Man served with two speeding tickets:

Despite the repeated reports which only points to irresponsible drivers, a 23 year old driver called Richard Martens was given not one, but two tickets just within 20 minutes from the same police officer. The driver was found pulling away from the traffic stop which was the first strike. And later on, he was caught accelerating at a speed that was above the legal rate. This happened on Highway 3 of South Middleton at 11.30 pm.

This is just one of the many cases which represents the examples of the countless of drivers who have no care in the world, and that rules are made for the safety of all those who are on the road. Constable Ed Sanchuk from the Norfolk County delivered a simple yet powerful statement reminding everyone that driving should be considered as a privilege and not as a right. And with that, we agree as well.