Toronto Police Launches Safety Traffic Campaigns

Driving a vehicle is a responsibility and not many have understood this. Distracted driving is the main causes for major and minor collisions and despite having educated the masses about the dangers, the whole situation remains quite the same.

Nobody loves getting their paths blocked and especially during rush hour. In a way, it is hellish and it could ruin the whole day.

Therefore, Toronto police have launched safety campaigns to spread awareness of the detrimental effects of distracted driving and blocking roads during a rush hour.

What is distracted driving?

When you are driving, you should really just drive. If a person is found doing any activity besides driving or paying attention to the road during traffic, it would come under distracted driving. If a person is found using the phone, eating behind the wheel, or even typing a destination in the GPS while driving, it could lead to penalties from the police. If a person is penalized for distracted driving, there are chances that a person could be fined heavily up to $1000. So, in truth, it is really better to be safe than sorry!

What will constitute as blocking the traffic?

We have come across annoying drivers who have blocked our pathways to get their coffee or just because they are on their phones. Even if it is just momentary, it is considered as crude traffic behaviour and Toronto police have launched a no tolerance campaign for those traffic blockers. A ticket for blocking traffic will cost $150 and a tow will cost $250.

What are the measures taken by the police to curb these problems?

Around 40-50 police officers are allocated during the morning rush hours. During the evening, 60-70 police officers are in charge of making sure that no one gets away. These police officers will be located at taller vehicles so that it gives them a vantage point. This will help them see and locate people who are not following traffic rules.