Concerns Over New Impaired Driving Rules

The recent legislation changes made on the federal law December 2018 has raised concerns over the liberty of the citizens and the high-handedness of several traffic police officers in Toronto.

Unsolicited Suspicions

A 70-year-old resident of Streetville was on his way to the wine store to return ten wines bottles and three dozen beer bottles when an officer stopped him on the highway.

The man explained that he has accumulated the alcohol over the holiday season as gifts and that he was currently sober. But the officer in charge asked for an alcohol breath test.

The man from Mississauga passed the test, but this incident has raised concerns among other citizens.

Severe Consequences

The incident passed without causing a further commotion, but many other citizens had faced a suspicious charge even when they were not showing any symptoms of driving impairment.

The officers are also granted the right to knock at people’s door and demand a breath test if they find complaints by others while they were driving. This demand is valid for two hours from the time that the complaint made.

Failure to pass the breath test or refuse the breath test at any time can lead to arrests and suspicion of the license under criminal charges.

Unwelcoming Reactions

Though the feds say that the new legislation that allows police to demand a sample test without a cause is justified, it is not going well the citizens.

There is a breach of personal liberty and privacy rights of individuals. When there is a clash between the state and private rights, claims can be made by the citizen in court.

As such, there have been many questions raised and debated over giving away citizens’ rights for protection against potential danger. There is trouble in the new provision, and until it is overturned, many driving charges are expected to rise faster than ever.

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