A review of what could possibly become Canada’s second roadside drug screening device

After more than six months of legalizations of cannabis for recreational purposes by the Canadian authorities, the police forces have been dealing with a lot of drug-related issues along the roadside. Officers have said that they are unable to bust the offenders, especially drivers high on cannabis, but only warn them to keep their hands off the drug.

Relating to the drug issue, and the need to take more serious measures toward deadly drugs, the Canadian police officers have expressed concerns of possible problems and dangers relating to the currently approved testing device called the Dragger Drug test 5000. Also, they say that the results provided by the current test machine may even hold up in court.

The new talked about the device is called ‘SoToxa,’ manufactured by the Abbott company from the United States. Officials from the company say that their new technology is easier and faster to use. They also claim that the ‘SoToxa’ can provide accurate drug test results in five minutes simply by testing a person’s saliva and that the device works even in cold weather conditions. Stressing more on the device, the company officials say that their mobile test system ‘SoToxa’ can effectively be used for testing THC, one of cannabis’s psychoactive ingredients.

The Abbott Company is eager to make deals with Canada. Company officials have said that they have enough devices to meet the demands if it is approved by the Canadian authority.

After the Canadian government hints for interest in the testing device, the roadside drug screening handheld device would be approved for use by the law enforcement if all goes well. It is currently in a public review which will end in 30 days.