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Once the court sentences you for any offence, you can appeal to the court to waive your case or reduce punishment. Before doing so, it is wise to consult an experienced and resourceful legal counsellor to make sure your case is worth your time and expense.

You can consult our lawyers at Shapiro Legal to immediately give you information on everything you need to know about appeals court.

You will have 30 days after your trial to file a Notice of Appeal. Your appellate lawyer at North York will help you register for appeal after you have consulted their expertise and study your case.

If the appeals court pass your appeal under the consultations of your North York lawyer and proceedings begin, your lawyer will help you through the process. They will be there throughout the proceedings whether your appeal is heard in the Summary Convictions Appeals Court in North York or the Court of Appeal for North York in Toronto if the Crown proceeds by indictment or appealing against the judgement of the summary Conviction Appeals Court.

With our lawyer right beside you, your appeal will be heard by a judge(s) from a higher court, and they will be independent of the judge who conducted your trial.

Your appellate lawyer will further inform you about the strength of your case. If there had been an error in the law, misinterpretation of facts or committed a mistake based on facts and law, or if there are valid points to be made, they can help you win your appeal.

Your appeals lawyer can also help you file a request to suspend the first punishment if your licence had been suspended or sentenced to jail.

Get An Appeals Court North York Toronto Lawyer To Help You!

Your lawyer from North York and the greater Toronto area will play the active role at your appeal hearing. Since the appeals court will use only transcripts and evidence and hear no testimony by any witness, your lawyer will be entrusted to do the presentation of your case while you sit back at your appeals hearing.

The lawyers at Shapiro Legal have dedicated all the time, expertise and legal services to fight for a fair trial. We do it with ease, confidence and utmost respect for your time and sentiments.