Fight Red Light Camera Tickets


With over 300 red light cameras functioning at various intersections in the city of Toronto, there has been a substantial decrease in road accidents, pedestrian fatalities and property damage between North York to Vaughan. However, there has also been increasing cases in fighting red light camera tickets as well because the penalties are severe and can cause severe damage to one’s records and even increase insurance rate on personal properties in the long run and make you vulnerable of being charged guilty in accident cases.

The penalty for a red light camera ticket can amount to a $260 and a $60 victim surcharge and $5 court cost. It can also result in arrests, imprisonment, suspended driving license and property seized.

The penalty increased to three demerit points and a $325 fine. The conviction record will remain in your driving record for three years. So fighting the red light camera ticket is vital to keep your records clean if you have substantial evidence and reasons for the violation.

The registered name on the license plate will be held responsible for the penalties, irrespective of who was driving. The Ministry of Transportation will send the ticket to the addressee of the license plate number within a week after proper verification of photographs caught by the red light camera is made by them.

The first step to fighting red light camera tickets is to consult the authority or a legal advisor within the court jurisdiction. Do not handle it on your own as it might complicate the situation if you are not familiar with the legal proceedings.

Also, ensure that you are insured, your driver license is dated, and you are in a state of good physical and mental health.

When you decide to fight your red light camera ticket, report within 15 days from the date of conviction and file an appeal notice before 30 days if you want an appeal.

The proceedings can consume a lot of time and money so it is advantageous for you if you get the assistance of a profession traffic lawyer who can represent you for the various appointments you will have to make or fight for you when you miss a court date or decide to appeal to the court. Your representative should also be able to brief you with the legal process and explain them to the court while trying to have your ticket dismissed.

Fighting red light camera tickets is a common case but rarely won alone so to have your records cleared and your freedom reinstated, consult your nearest and most efficient traffic lawyers from North York or Vaughan at Shapiro Legal.