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Missed Court Date North York Toronto Services

Intentionally failing to appear on a court date or failing to appear for fingerprints and photographs as directed by a judge is a criminal case. Regardless of what the reason is, being guilty of missed court date will significantly affect future bail hearing and determine your prospects of winning a case at court. The judge could impose more fines or impose a maximum of six months in jail for the offence, but if you have a proper appeals lawyer, you could find yourself not guilty. Let Shapiro Legal Services help you if you’re dealing a with missed court date North York Toronto issue.

If you happen to forget your court date, your lawyer can help you prove that it was unintentional, so it will not meet the standards necessary for conviction. The court usually has to dismiss the case if they cannot verify that you were fully aware of the date.

If you had intentionally missed the court date under right circumstances such as failure to attend due to medical conditions or inability to make a physical appearance due to the accused being in jail on other charges, the court could dismiss the indictment as well.

Realizing a missed court date past the appointed time could get you an arrest warrant from the judge. This warrant can be cancelled within three days if you have an experienced lawyer in North York to help you with the case. If no appeals are made by the accused within three days, the appellate lawyer will have to make arrangements to have the accused surrender themselves.

If the accused surrenders to the warrant of arrest for failing to appear in court, the lawyer can still find ways to drop the charges by making convincing testimonies.

Once an accused has surrendered for a missed court date, the proceedings will move to the courthouse for a bail hearing. If the judge does not add this charge to the original offence, operations will continue as usual. But if they add allegations of missing a court date, the accused will first have to serve for the missed court date and then only proceed to the underlying offence.

What to do when you have a missed court date north york Toronto issue?

Without proper guidance from experienced and skilled lawyers, such cases could drag on for a longer time, adding extra expenses physically and emotionally. To have your best defence upfront, contact Shapiro Legal where our lawyers will assist and protect your interest with everything they possibly can.