Red Light Ticket North York

Red Light Ticket North York Toronto Services

With new initiatives for road safety, Ministry of Transportation installed 77 red light cameras on intersections all around Toronto and 22 around North York, Ontario. While this has prevented collisions, casual fatalities, severe injuries and property damage by 60%, the public also has to face unfair red light ticket violation charges sometimes causing them to pay a considerable amount in fines of $250, arrests, a property being seized and disrupting clean criminal records. If you’re in need of red light ticket North York Toronto services then look no further than Shapiro Legal Services.

If you happen to be caught entering an intersection after the signal has turned red, the registered license plate holder, irrespective of who is driving, will receive a red light ticket within one week after verification of photographs taken by the red light camera.

Being sentenced for red light ticket or any crime can be nerve-wracking for anyone, and we understand the mental, physical and emotional strain it puts, sometimes impairing clear thoughts and reasonable actions. To prevent further complications of your case, contact a lawyer at the earliest to help you with the legal proceedings.

Our experienced and well-trained lawyers at Shapiro Legal can assist you with legal actions to make sure you know what to say and do when you face the judge in the court. They will be on your side throughout the case, speaking for your defence when needed, advising you on things that you need to do and imparting you with information that could benefit your situation. All you have to do is trust and rely on them while they do everything they can to help you clear your name and your records.

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Shapiro Legal is here to fight for you no matter how complicated your case is. We sympathize with the victims of red light tickets, we respect the law, we like challenges, and winning your case is our priority. Shapiro Legal can be called any time of the day, or night and proceed towards pursuing your case immediately.