Traffic Tickets

SHAPIRO LEGAL / X POLICE handles all traffic tickets

  • Careless driving
  • Fail to move over police, fire or tow truck
  • Fail to remain
  • False documents provided
  • Follow too closely
  • G1/G2 violations
  • No Insurance
  • Racing/Stunt driving
  • Red light or Stop sign  – fail to stop
  • School Bus – fail to stop
  • Seat belt violations
  • Speeding
  • Suspended driving
  • Turn improperly

Trials, Reopenings and Appeals

Shapiro Legal / X Police is your best defence against

  • Unfair convictions
  • Demerit points
  • Substantial fines
  • Additional license suspensions
  • Possible incarceration

Call SHAPIRO LEGAL SERVICES at 647-692-3159 to for information on how to fight your ticket.

Criminal Defence

Criminal legal fees can be overwhelming.  As Paralegals, SHAPIRO LEGAL SERVICES fee structure is significantly less than those of a criminal lawyer.

SHAPIRO LEGAL SERVICES can represent you in summary conviction criminal offences, which are criminal offences where the maximum punishment is less than six months of imprisonment.

Some common criminal charges of this sort are:

  • Domestic assault
  • Dangerous driving
  • Common assault

Charges under $5,000

  • Fraud
  • Mischief
  • Theft/Shoplifting


  • Possession of under 5mg of illicit substances
  • DUI and other more serious criminal charges under direct supervision of a criminal lawyer.

Call SHAPIRO LEGAL SERVICES at 647-692-3159 to for information on how to fight your criminal charge.

Small Claims Court

Mark Ginz is a senior Paralegal and a veteran advocate with more than 12 years’ experience.

If you are a Plaintiff (someone suing) or Defendant (someone being sued), Mark Ginz will help you build a strong claim or defence and a winning trial strategy.


  • A loan or credit card that has not been repaid
  • Money owed for products purchased on credit,
    • because of an NSF cheque
    • a promissory note
    • outstanding rent
  • work done or for the services of a contractor
  • Enforcement of judgements, orders of boards or tribunals



  • Damage to property due to someone else’s fault or negligence;
  • Property damage caused by faulty service, (eg: goods damaged during transportation or delivery);
  • Delivery of goods or services not up to the quality or standards agreed upon;
  • Breach of contract for failing to fulfill the terms of another written or oral contract;
  • Damages for personal injury

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Residential Landlord and Tenant

SHAPIRO LEGAL SERVICES advocates for both landlords and tenants before the Landlord and Tenant Board across the Greater Toronto Area pursuant to the Residential Tenancy Act.


  • Tenant rights and duties
  • Termination of tenancy
  • Lawful evictions
  • Landlord use
  • Collection of rental arrears
  • Unlawful use
  • Overstaying or subletting
  • Enforcement of Orders


  • Illegal evictions
  • Outstanding maintenance issues
  • Vital services

Have a landlord or tenant problem? Want to know more about your legal rights and obligations? Call SHAPIRO LEGAL SERVICES at 647-692-3159 to schedule an initial consultation.

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