Small Claims

Small Claims North York Toronto Ontario

The intent of the small claims court of Ontario is to give quick and cost effective justice for Ontario residents and corporations. The maximum that a person can be awarded in a small claims court case is $25,000 which does not include the cost of interest. In the event that your claim id over the $25,000 small claims court maximum, then you will be able to waive the amount owed over the $25,000 maximum. In many situations it is beneficial to do so, because the other option will require action in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, which will most likely be much more expensive and time consuming. Please read below to learn about the type of situations that are handled in small claims courts in North York Toronto and surrounding area.

Small Claims For Money Owed

  • A loan or credit card that has not been repaid
  • Money owed for products purchased on credit,
    • because of an NSF cheque
    • a promissory note
    • outstanding rent
  • work done or for the services of a contractor
  • Enforcement of judgements, orders of boards or tribunals

Small Claims For Damages

  • Damage to property due to someone else’s fault or negligence;
  • Property damage caused by faulty service, (eg: goods damaged during transportation or delivery);
  • Delivery of goods or services not up to the quality or standards agreed upon;
  • Breach of contract for failing to fulfill the terms of another written or oral contract;
  • Damages for personal injury

Finding your way around the small claims court system can be a tedious task. There are many ways that you can choose to resolve your smalls claims matter. At Shapiro Legal Services we strive to advise every North York Toronto resident of the best course of action to take in the court of law to get the result that they want. As a client of ours you can expect an honest and professional assessment of your situation.

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