How To Appeal A Traffic Ticket

how to appeal a traffic ticket

What You Need To Do To Appeal A Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets are the first and foremost penalty for any violation of road rules. Be in due to driving with a suspended license, running a red light, failing to produce valid car insurance, speeding, careless driving or any other traffic rules violation. It is the first form of a warning imposed by the Traffic regulating authorities in Toronto. Having three demerits or three tickets can lead to a severe case that includes a minimum fine of $110, seized property, impounded car, a suspended license and even imprisonment. If you want to appeal a traffic ticket you, then consider contacting Shapiro Legal Services.

If you have substantial evidence that you have been wrongly convicted due to errors in the law or the evidence and got a traffic ticket, or your demerit points have had the last straw, you can appeal a traffic ticket. It is a complicated procedure, and most people often submit to the penalties rather than make an appeal because they do not know how to appeal a traffic ticket.

However, if you choose to appeal a traffic ticket, it means that you wish to plead guilty and request for a reduction of penalties or extension of submitting to the court with the help of professional traffic ticket lawyers within the court’s jurisdiction.

Appealing a traffic ticket can be done in situations where the defendant was absent, denied a reopening request or denied reasons for the judge’s decision and missed crucial evidence. Appeals can also happen when there has not been a fair trial, or there was improper conduct in the court.

The defendant must file an appeal notice within 30 days from the date of conviction and submit the fine imposed before an appeal. If that is not possible, the defendant must apply for an extension of time to appeal a traffic ticket after paying a certain amount as a fee to the Court of Justice under the Toronto Provincial Offence Act.

Since original court transcripts will are mandatory for the appeal, documents and evidence are collected and presented by a representative lawyer.

While appealing a traffic ticket, the defendant will also have to explain the reasons for the appeal and provide facts and evidence for the grounds of appeal.

Substantial evidence, convincing arguments and strong statement while strictly adhering to the legal procedures and conducts of a respectable courtroom is the key to winning traffic ticket appeal.

It can be quite intimidating for a defendant to state on his/her own but with the assistance of professional lawyers such as the traffic lawyers from Shapiro Legal can represent the defendant from North York to Vaughan and Greater Toronto, translate and interpret every detail of the proceeding and convince the jury and the Justice to win your appeal.