The British Columbia Government Is Testing Out Speed Cameras

speeding cameras

In an attempt to slow down the speeders, new technology is being tested by the British Columbian government. According to the reports, this new high-tech traffic camera can award an automated speeding ticket to speeders.


Earlier this May, the government officials announced that there are 140 intersections in the province which falls under the intersection safety camera program. The government has said that 35 intersections will be monitored by the new technology. The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General has disclosed that the new technology will enter its service later this summer. However, it has been reported that the tests are already being conducted at the target locations.


All 35 locations have been made known to the public, but the government has not yet made a further announcement, as to how and when the camera will activate automated enforcement, or issue speeding tickets.


According to the Intersection Security Cameras program, at least 10500 vehicles are reported traveling at speeds exceeding the limit by at least 30 km/hr. The Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General has said that the number of crashes in the province is alarming. In a day, the number of crashes goes up to 900, out of which almost 60 percent happens at the intersections.


While the new talked about technology may be favoured by many, there are some who are not very pleased with it. They are of the view that this technology is similar to the photo radar technology back in the early 90s.


Sense BC played a key role in fighting against the technology. Photo Radar technology was put to rest when Sense BC managed to get 25000 plus signatures in a petition. One of the founding members of the Sense BC Ian Tootill said that the new automated enforcement will attract a similar reaction from the erring drivers. But the government seems keen to employ the new technology nonetheless.