Speeding Tickets – Automated Enforcement Gets Massive Support

speeding ticket cam

The use of red light cameras for catching the speeders on the road receives overwhelming support from most of the British Columbians as suggested by a new poll.

According to the recent online poll by Research co, a whopping 68 percent of the participants supported the use of high-tech cameras. It includes the red light camera which can detect and record the speed of the vehicles. Most of the respondents agreed that automated speed enforcement would help slow down over-speeding drivers.

The majority of the supporters of this technology were women (74%). Among these, more than three quarters were aged 55 and above. Research co, further revealed that more than 72% of the British Columbians who do not drive are also in favour of the technology. Furthermore, the poll results showed that most residents who drive two to six days a week have also expressed their support for this measure.

The new technology which is designed to be able to issue speeding tickets automatically has been undergoing a test. This technology can detect the speed of the car and send a ticket to the car’s registered owner. The British Columbian government has said that they would be upgrading the technology at 35 intersections. The decision was announced on May 2019.

The B.C government has even revealed the target locations where the new traffic cameras will be in action. However, little is known on how the new traffic safety camera will function. The driver would have to be driving faster than the speed limit to attract an automated speeding ticket, but there isn’t much information as of now. The government is yet to announce the speed limits.

Research co, poll result came out as the B.C government began testing the new speed camera technology. It had 800 adult B.C participants, and it was conducted between 22nd to 26th June 2019.