You could be liable for texting a driver prior to an accident.

texting and driving

Careless driving can be an intense case to fight if you are involved in an accident. There can be many distractions can cause us to look away from the road during vital moments; thus causing unfortunate accidents.

Insights From An Insurance and Legal Expert

An insurance and legal expert says that, in Canada, people that knowingly text drivers can be held liable if that driver gets in an accident within the time of receiving that text. This statement is derived from an incident that took place in 2013 at New Jersey where a text was considered a factor in causing a pickup truck to collide with a motorcyclist. The court ruled that the person who sent a text during an indicated window of time, was responsible for causing the accident. Although there are no similar incidents that have taken place in Canada, it is suspected that the ruling can have the same result.

The Canadian Statistics

Statistically, according to Travelers Canada, the major reasons for collisions in Canada are that drivers are tentative to text messages from their family and bosses. Unfortunately in this time we are highly devoted to mobile texting as a result of social factors such as leaving an impression that we are ‘ignoring’ the person that is texting us. Particular attention to drivers whom are texting and driving are demographics that are between the ages of 25 – 34. According to Quebec’s automobile insurance board the highest number of accidents due to hand held devices are 68,000 in 2013. The lowest was in 2008 with 18,250 incidents.

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